Hi everyone, my name is Johnny. I have worked as a maintenance supervisor for the past 15 years, and one of the questions that I come across the most -especially when I am on service calls for clients being “out of hot water” – are those that deal with the proper model of water heater to install when upgrading or making an emergency replacement. Unfortunately, many people do not think about this until there is actually a problem, and in doing so, I have seen many people buy the wrong equipment for their family’s home and water usage pattern. So, in an effort to help out some people out there in cyberspace who may be faced with the same problem, I have created this website dedicated to water heaters. Here, I have laid out my years of experience into a single, easy to navigate site that will hopefully answer the majority of the questions that you guys may have when it comes to replacing or upgrading your water heater. Hopefully, you are planning on a replacement instead of having to hurry and make a purchase because your unit has failed. In any case, I will strive to provide you with all of my knowledge on the subject so that you all can make an informed decision, whatever your scenario may be.

So, be my guest and browse through the information on this page. Get to know the technology behind water heaters as well as the manufacturers that make decent, well-built products!